Sunday, 30 October 2016

MOA Awards Nominations

I have some very big news! I have been nominated for three categories this year in the annual MOA kluster. If you don't already know what the Moa awards are they are a awards ceremony that 4 schools compete in in our district (Matapu, Kaponga, Opunake and Auroa) There is lots of categories that you can enter in. I got nominated into the top three in Best Graphic design poster, Best book trailer and Best original music video. I also entered my other blog, Madalines Writing Space into best Passion blog but the results of that is yet to be received. I have previously won 3 awards over the last 2 years. I hope I can win something this year! I will post on my blog if I win any so stay tuned! 
 Here is the video of the trailer of the upcoming event:

Friday, 7 October 2016

Rawleigh Hockey Tournament 2016

This Monday, (The 3rd of October) to Thursday (The 6th) Stratford held the annual Hockey Tournament for the Rawleigh grade. My sister and I were fortunate to be apart of the team, and being picked by the selectors earlier in the last few months. We were representing the Taranaki Team. We had been training for months, Having mini tournaments and training but it all came down to this. Our first game was against Haukes Bay who was an even par team to us. We fought hard. I was on for 90% of the game. Unfortunately we got pipped at the post, just losing 2-0. It put us down but we need not to worry as we had 2 games the next day.

On Tuesday I was woken up to the sun shining just as the day before. I was a little sore from yesterday but I was really excited for the games today. Our first game was at 10.30 against Wellington. They wee a very good team and they bet us 3-0. We were determined to get a goal in our next game which was against the hardest team!

As we stepped onto the turf for the next game against poverty bay, All of the team was hyped. We scored in the first five minutes and the feelings were ecstatic! We played the rest of the game to our best efforts but the team was too strong, with us ending up defeated 6-1.

Wednesday we had another 2 games and all of the teams were sore and tired. We played Wairapa and Manawatu and sadly lost on both but all the games we had today were nothing compared to Thursday when we were fighting off for 7 and 8th.

On Playoff day, We were all exhausted, and to make it even worse the heavens had opened up and it was pouring down! The officials decided to call the game off but we decided to play a fun game anyway. It was a tight game right up to the end with both teams scoreless. We had time to spare so we had a penalty shootout. A penalty shootout is where you have a 1 on 1 with a goalie and you have 8 seconds to score a goal. 4 other players and me stepped up and faced of. I scored an awesome goal and so did 2 of our other players. We won!

We ended up placing 7th and were very proud. Have you ever played hockey?

Friday, 16 September 2016

Mt. Spa cross country

On Friday the 16th of September, The Manaia Golf Course held the annual Mt Spa Cross Country. I was racing in the 12 and 13 year old girls race. I was so nervous looking at my opponents in the race. They were all taller than me. But size doesn't matter. On Monday I had previously won the school cross country for my age group now it was time to face other people from Opunake, Rahutu, Kaponga, Manaia, and Matapu. Auroa did extremely well winning a few races and also some other high placings. After all the other kids had run it was my turn. I stood up to the starting line, taking glances across the front line of my opponents. The siren rang and we began our 3 laps. I took it slowly at the start and soon gained on the front pack coming in 4th as we rounded the corner to finish our first lap. It was a wide spread race nearly the whole way with each lap being 1km each. I soon broke away from the girl that was in 5th place and there was no way she was going to catch me. My aim was to beat the girl in front of me. I sped up to a faster pace and there I was side by side to her. It was going to be a struggle at the finish. I started to put the gas on at the end, Speeding to a sprint in the last 10m. But so did she. we bet each other off and I could hardly breath. I had a large big surge and we crossed the line at the same time. We got 3rd equal! I congratulated the girl who raced me and hobbled back to where our school was in the stands. I was so proud of how I did and everyone was congratulating me on such a great photo finish. I couldn't have been any closer! I now get to go to Taranaki cross country to face even more people but we can save that story for another day!

Image result for running cross country

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Our shared lunch!!

On Thursday the 8th of September, Mrs Hurly (our relief teacher for the week) Created the idea of making a three course meal for the class of 16. Us group of kids had to make a healthy delicious starter, main and dessert. The catch was that we had to make everything from scratch. We split up into three groups and had to work on a course each. I was helping with making the main. We had some very big ideas of what we were going to do. Chicken Fettuccine, Homemade fish and chips but we discovered that all these ideas we had were not cost efficient to the budget we had and also not realistic with the time slot we had received. My group decided on an easy healthy option which was sweet and sour chicken with a side of rice. The starter was to be bacon and marinated chicken skewers with garlic bread and the dessert was chocolate devils cake with homemade ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Healthy Sweet and Sour ChickenAfter everyone had decide on what we were making we had to plan out our main. We assigned everyone a job and decided who was bringing what and what we needed to buy. Most of the ingredients on the recipe could be found in your home pantry so it was very easily accessible.

The first thing we did for the cooking was make the sauce and cornflour (which was the thickening agent to our sauce). We then covered the chicken in cornflour and half cooked then in 2 different pans so all the chicken was cooked evenly. We added it to the sauce and cooked the rice.

Overall it was a lot of fun and all the meals were delicious. I liked the aspect of having to do everything from scratch because then you knew what was going into everything you were serving. Here is a slides presentation of the sweet and sour chicken (including the recipe) and some photos of the fun:

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Methanex Maths Spectacular!!

On Friday the 26th of August, Pukekura Park held the annual Methanex Maths Spectacular. I had entered into three things. There was many projects to choose from but I entered into the individual project and a 3d design artwork. I also was apart of the Auroa school year 8 maths quiz team. It was a great night and also a very successful one at that. I received three awards. For my individual project I explained how much music was involved in maths and it came out really well. It received a merit along with my 3d artwork which I made on a 3d printer which also received a merit. 3 other students and I (Joe Gibson, Jordan LeFleming and Durann Bloor) faced off against 20 other schools that are located all around Taranaki. We were winning right up until the end when we spent too long on a question and ended up getting 2nd by one point. Along with a certificate we received $20 in prize money to go along with it. overall it was a great successful night and I hope I can attend next year!
Here is some photos of the night and my awards:


Monday, 15 August 2016

We are the champions...

On Saturday I had my hockey final with my team Te Kiri Juniors. We were facing St. Josephs Stratford in the final and hoping to win. We had already beaten them twice this season but it all came down to this. I play left wing. In the first 5 minutes we scored and that was all the goals there was. Luckily we had amazing defence that stopped them from equalising. Our team own the game 1-0 and we were really proud how we had performed this season. I was very happy to play for that team as it was my last time playing in the primary grade. Next year I will play for Stratford. Here is the photo of our team with our trophies:
Left to right
Back row: Josh Trowbridge, Sol Brosnan, Liam Kidd (goalie), Luke Hiene, Lara Deans.
Middle Row: Issac Hancock, Jayden Forsyth, Richie Hughson- How, Jorja Symes(My sister, Me, Ciara, Renee Elliot.
Front: Kobie Hey, Tom.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Holes: Story summary

Recently I have been reading the book Holes by Louis Sachar. It is a great book that is very interesting. Here is a blurb of the story:

Stanley Yelnats isn't too surprised to find himself at Camp Green Lake, digging holes in the dried up lake bed, day after scorching day. After all, his family has a history of bad luck. 

The boys at Camp Green Lake must dig one hole each day, five feet deep and five feet across. But what are they digging for? Why did Green Lake dry up? And what do onions and lizards have to do with it all? The answers lie in Stanley's own past...

I highly recommend this book it is very  cool. It is probably best suited for older kids. I hope you get to read it: 

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Florentine Slice

Here is the recipe I made with my friend (Lexi):

200g dark chocolate, chopped
2 cups cornflakes
1/2 cup sultanas, roasted unsalted peanuts, glace cherries
1/4 cup currants
1Tbsp chopped mixed peel

2/3 cup sweetened condensed milk

  1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Line a 18x28cm shallow tin with foil then spray a non stick spray over the foil.
  2. Put the chocolate in a bowl over boiling water and melt, spread evenly over lined tin and refrigerate for 15 minutes or until set.
  3. Mix the remaining ingredients in a bowl until all ingredients are well mixed with the condensed milk. pour on top of the set chocolate and bake for 12 minutes or until lightly golden.
  4. cool, then refrigerate for 15 minutes to set the chocolate before cutting into 24 squares.

Food Technology

As most of you know we have a program called DPE (Design, Production and Education) at my school and this year food tech was introduced. The teacher Mrs Kinaston teachs us some cool recipes for us to make. They are delicious! Here is a video that Mr Bloor made of us cooking some amazing food:

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Elsie Locke Writing Competition

Every year there is an Elsie Locke writing competition for year 7 and 8's all around New Zealand. Thousand enter every year. This year the topic was to write a narrative about people and protest and taking a stand on something. Here is my entry:

Droplets of rain began to fall onto my etiolated cheeks. I sat shivering as the frigid cold air sunk into my skin. The only warmth I possessed was my father's strong arms cradling me tightly.The polished grey concrete hardly supported my aching back, while the thin cotton blanket flew off our bare legs with a powerful gust of wind. A faint fluorescent street light glowed above us. Life has lost its meaning. Salty tears met the sides of my lips as I gazed at the Sky tower in the distance of central Auckland and at the millions of lights scattered underneath it.

A glimmer of anger welled up inside of me as I saw people walk past without a hint of interest in us. They were probably going home. Home.“Andrew” Dad whispered to me silently “I got a job today. It isn't much but it is enough. I can't look after you in the day anymore so I need someone else to look after you. I've enrolled you at school”.

The thick iron gates closed behind me as I walked across the silent courtyard. On the corner of my eye I saw a maroon station wagon drive past just as I entered.I knew my best clothes hardly passed these people's standards. They are all better than me. It will be an achievement if I can survive the first day. As I walked into Room 4 for the first time, 32 prying eyes peered at me, taking in my ripped clothes and scarred face with one judgmental gaze. They all quickly looked away.

The day dragged on slowly, each minute getting slower than the next. My interest had long gone. As the bell went for the end of the day, My teacher Mrs. Mathews caught me just as I was exiting out the door.“ Andrew, you haven't been listening to a word I have said all day. Is everything alright?” I nodded slowly and kept on walking. I scuffed my feet along the pavement, as the rocks crushed loudly underfoot. Cars sped past quickly and old smiling faces met the kids in my class. No one was waiting for me.

Turning a corner onto an unfamiliar street, I heard a maroon station wagon slowing down just behind me and then immediately speeding up again. I've seen that car before. That was weird. I quickly forgot about it and brought my thoughts back to spending another night on unforgiving concrete.

The school looked even more dreary than I remembered the day before as I wandered into my empty classroom. I heard light footsteps behind me just as I was sitting at my desk. The fan at the back of the room sent a cool breeze up my back. Someone approached me as some petite, bony fingers touched my shoulder soothingly. “Andrew, I know something’s wrong. I’ve seen you walk along the street but never going into a house. It is fine if you don’t want to tell me but it might help” My teachers familiar voice was a smooth as silk. I told her everything. “I only have my dad as family. The people with enough money can buy a house. We can’t.” Mrs Mathews looked at me gravely. Here pale brown eyes were filled with sympathy. “What if you could have a house?”

I ran towards the crimson sun as it fell behind the peak of Mt Eden. It reminded me of tomorrow. Tomorrow where I might have a home. A life. Life hasn’t lost its meaning.

Wacky Wig Wednesday

On Wednesday the 22nd of June our Student Council held Wacky Wig Wednesday to support the NZ kids cancer foundation. Kids at Auroa School got dressed up in either a wacky wig or styled their hair wacky. It was a great day and a lot of fun. Mr. Bloor has made another amazing video of the action:

Monday, 6 June 2016

Lake Rotakare Ridge walk

On the Queens Birthday weekend, my Dad, my sister Jorja and I went to Lake Rotakare Reserve. There are 2 treks to choose from and we did the ridge walk. The ridge walk is a big curcuit along the fence line of the reserve and you go very high over the lake level and you go to the highest point of the reserve. It was very exhausting but a lot of fun. We climbed lots of stairs and went along a lot of tracks and saw and heard some cool birds and insects. A stick insect even jumped on my dads leg! Overall it was a great walk and there was some amazing views!